Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education


ASCILITE is governed by its constitution and by-laws in accordance with the Associations Incorporations Act 1985. The constitution can be viewed here. An elected Executive Committee decides upon policy, strategy, plans and the activities of the Association and it is supported by a paid Secretariat who provides part-time administrative support to the Executive. The Society’s first Constitution was registered in 1987 and has been updated several times to better serve the ASCILITE community and to comply with the Act.  ASCILITE is registered in South Australia as a registerd NFP corporation.

ASCILITE’s finances are reconciled each year by Chartered Accountants and this annual report is made available to the ASCILITE membership as a supporting document for the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Strategic Plan

The ASCILITE 2018 – 2021 ASCILITE Strategic Plan identifies the strategic goals and objectives that guide the society’s plans and activities from 2018 through to 2021 within the strategically important areas of sustainability, innovation, evidence-based practice and research.


To be Australasia’s foremost community, leading and advocating for excellence in the use of digital technologies in tertiary learning and teaching.


To promote and recognise exemplary innovation, evidence–based practice and research, in the sustainable use of educational technologies to progress pedagogical practice.

Member Surveys

ASCILITE undertakes a Member Survey every 2 – 3 years, the purpose of which is to obtain feedback from members on the value of ASCILITE services, initiatives and related activities.   The data collected from the survey is also used to inform the Society’s strategic and operational plans for the years ahead.   Survey results are reported to members through the fortnightly bulletin, website and other means. You can view the most recent Member Survey (2018) here.

In 2012, ASCILITE also undertook a PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) Analysis of the contemporary environment of higher education in relation to ASCILITE.

Annual Reports

ASCILITE Annual Reports contain details of the activities of the ASCILITE Executive and community for the current calendar year. It is prepared by the President, Executive Committee members and the Secretariat and made available to all members of the Society before and during the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Copies of ASCILITE’s past Annual Reports are available from the archives.

Institutional Members