Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

CMALT Australasia

CMALT Australasia is a certified membership scheme offered in partnership with the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) UK. The scheme is a form of professional accreditation which enables people whose work involves learning technology to have their experience and capabilities certified by peers, and to demonstrate that they are taking a committed approach to their professional development.

As a certified member of ALT you can increase the impact of your professional record or CV and use “CMALT” as post-nominal letters.  The basis of the accreditation process is a portfolio which contains both evidence and reflection in relation to a number of key criteria.

CMALT certification means you obtain professional recognition and attain Certified Membership for your experience and capabilities in the field of learning technology.

Group discounts

Discounts can be arranged for groups of more than five registrants in the CMALT Australasia program. To discuss a group CMALT registration, contact ALT for further details. Since you must be an ASCILITE member to register for CMALT Australasia, ASCILITE offers institutional memberships to support CMALT group registration to further reduce costs.

Past & Current Certified CMALT Australasia Holders

For the full list of current CMALT holders, including those listed under CMALT Australasia visit the ALT (UK) website here.

How to get involved

Further Information

  • CMALT Support pages: You can access ALT’s support pages here.  The ALT (UK) website is the primary source of CMALT information, particularly the CMALT Prospectus and CMALT Guidelines for candidates and assessors.
  • Past CMALT cMOOCs: You can view past cMOOCs here. This is a new model of PD available as a network of communities of practice within a cMOOC, supported by an ecology of resources where sustained collaborative engagement with innovative teaching practice is recognised via CMALT. The #cmaltcmooc project is an output of the #SoTELNZ research cluster.
  • CMALT Flyer: You may also like to download a CMALT flyer for an overview of the scheme and its benefits. Use the flyer to help generate interest in CMALT Australasia in your institution.
  • Register for CMALT: You can register for CMALT Australia here on the ALT (UK) website. CMALT Australasia will then be notified of your registration for follow-up and support.

Further Contact

Thom Cochrane is the ASCILITE Executive who chairs the scheme on behalf of ASCILITE. If you wish to know more about CMALT Australasia, please email Thom.

Institutional Members