Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

About the TELedvisors SIG

In tertiary education, there is a wide range of highly skilled and knowledgeable people that provide advice, support and leadership about all facets of technology enhanced learning (TEL).

We are known as educational designers, developers and consultants, learning technologists, and academic developers, among other things. Collectively, we are TELedvisors.

We consider TEL to include all aspects of teaching and learning practice because in the 21st century, there is little that isn’t in some way inextricably intertwined with technology (cf. Selwyn 2017).

Below is a 3 minute introduction to the TELedvisors network and what it does:

The TELedvisors network exists to:

  • Raise the profile and understanding of the work and value of TELedvisors in tertiary education
  • Foster communication and collaboration between TELedvisors across Australia and New Zealand
  • Create and share ideas, practices and resources for use in our day to day work
  • Identify and implement opportunities to improve TEL practices in tertiary education
  • Establish and foster partnerships/relationships with other academic and professional teams that intersect with TELedvisors

We do this by:

  • Advocating for TELedvisors in the broader tertiary education sector and promoting understanding of the nature and value of these roles
  • Holding monthly online webinars addressing key issues and ideas and also showcasing our work
  • Providing online spaces for communication and the sharing of digital resources
  • Facilitating and promoting local face-to-face meetups of TELedvisors
  • Showcasing the work and achievements of TELedvisors and creating media to promote understanding of TELedvisors
  • Developing resources, policy proposals and papers that can be used by and at tertiary education institutions to support more effective collaboration with teachers and TELedvisors
  • Supporting research projects and publications by and about TELedvisors

Ref: Selwyn, N. (2017). Education and technology. London: Bloomsbury.

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