Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

About the Learning Design SIG


Welcome to the ASCILITE Learning Design Special Interest Group.

The Learning Design SIG is intended to be a resource and network for academics and professionals who are responsible for, and interested in, learning design. Our focus is to provide a platform for members to come together in a supportive collegial and collaborative environment. We aim to do this through providing opportunities for professional development activities, structured exchange of ideas, sharing of good practices, and discussion of issues and trends that affect learning design.

Learning design includes designing tasks, materials, tools and other artefacts, learning spaces, group structures and other such divisions of labour. It helps bring into being the epistemic, physical and social phenomena, which situate students’ learning activity (Carvalho & Goodyear, 2014; Goodyear, 2005, 2015).

Some activities that this group would carry out are:

  • Explore linkage between theory, research and application of learning design
  • Invite ideas to streamline the understanding of learning design
  • Explore existing and emerging pedagogic theories of learning guiding learning design practices
  • Establish and disseminate best practices in learning design
  • Conduct research in learning design
  • Collect and disseminate methodologies in the area of research in learning design
  • Facilitate structured exchange of ideas and research in Learning Design
  • Build a supportive community of practice through an ongoing digital collaborative space
  • Curate a repository of sharable artifacts through individual and collective experiences amongst this SIG.
  • Host Learning Design Labs as creative and collaborative problem-solving sprints
Institutional Members