Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

Business Education SIG

The ASCILITE Business Education Special Interest Group (BE-SIG) was launched in December 2019. The first meeting was held at the ASCILITE conference on 4 December where plans were formulated for 2020. The Business Education SIG’s aim is to foster Technology Enhanced Business Education and to raise the profile of scholarship of technology enhanced business education among professional accreditation bodies and ranking agencies.

You are welcome to explore the the different ways to get involved. Our SIG aims to encourage, empower and enable business educators to raise a collective voice for informing relevant professional bodies and accreditation agencies about the strengths of emergent, design-based and nuanced approaches to research that are amenable for deepening our understanding of learning affordances of technology rich environments.

Being an integral part of ASCILITE will enable us to learn from other members of other disciplines who have been relatively more successful in raising the profile of scholarship of technology enhanced learning within their disciplines. Further, it will provide a fertile ground for us to engage in interdisciplinary research.

Institutional Members