Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

About the Open Educational Practice SIG

In recent years, there have been some important Open Educational Practices (OEP) developments in Australia, but unfortunately the potential of OEP to meet some of the national and institutional targets has yet to be fully realized and acknowledged. This SIG will attempt to further engage the sector in discussions around the issues related to OEP at the individual, institutional and national levels, including the realisation of opportunities and how to overcome potential barriers.

The OEP-SIG would like to provide practitioners, researchers and advocates a platform for collaboration, support and development at both the individual and institutional levels and create a strong community of practice and representation for OEP in Australasia.


The main aims of the OEP SIG will be to:

  • Establish an OEP community of practice in which practitioners can come together to discuss, advocate and advance OEP in their respective disciplines and institutions.
  • Raise awareness and build OEP capacity in Australasia.
  • Progress research in OEP.
  • Provide OEP with a national representation at higher education levels.
Institutional Members