Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

About the Open Educational Practice SIG

The purpose of our Special Interest Group (SIG) is to provide a meeting place for all those with an interest in Open Educational Practice (OEP) and Open Educational Resources (OER) to pursue this common focus. The SIG is a cross-institutional group, sponsored by ASCILITE, comprising Australiasian higher education staff with an interest in open educational resources, and open educational practices. In this way, across all activities, the SIG aims to be recognised as a reputable and credible source of connection to OEP/OER in Australasia.

The OEP SIG is a cross-institutional, practice-led, evidence-based community of Australasian higher education practitioners, sponsored by ASCILITE. The SIG offers value to the sector by providing a space for practice- and experience-sharing, open discussion, professional learning, and access to free and open resources.

We add value to the sector by shining a much needed spotlight on OER. In this way, our most valuable resource is our members. The SIG supports cross-institutional collaboration and learning through monthly meetings attended by practitioners from across the higher education sector, and is open to anyone with an interest in open education in higher education.

You can find-out more about the SIG by visiting the OEP website.

Our Values

The SIG is guided by the following values

  • Equitable, open access to meaningful information
  • Collaboration, sharing, building networks, and promoting active engagement by the membership in both the SIG and the wider OEP community
  • Fellowship/Connection

Our Key Activities

The SIG offers a range of activities and opportunities to engage with practitioners across the year. The 2023-24 activities include:

  • Monthly meetings designed to support open sharing of practice
  • Monthly webinars to share practice and research with a focus on the Australasian context.
  • Monthly digests that collate and promote activities and resources of interest to Australasian readers.
  • An annual event to coincide with the ASCILITE national conference (the focus and structure of which is determined by the membership).

Our Connections

As open education continues to gain traction in Australasian higher education, the SIG is committed to maintaining collaborative and productive partnerships with other professional groups. We presently align with the following groups, and seek to enhance and expand partnerships in the future.

  • CAUL OER Collective.
  • Open Access Australasia.
  • Creative Commons Australia Chapter.
  • SPARC Libraries & OER Forum.
Institutional Members