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Transforming Assessment SIG


The Transforming Assessment SIG (TA SIG) is for those interested in online assessment for both formative and summative purposes. This SIG is about staying in touch with the latest happenings in e-Assessment across Australasia and around the world. It runs a monthly webinar series and has its own website with archived session recordings and e-Assessment examples. The group is also served by its own mailing list and a social media presence on Linkedin, Facebook and Google+.

The Transforming Assessment SIG is led by Dr Mathew Hillier, Monash University and Professor Geoffrey Crisp, RMIT University.

How to Get Involved

The TA SIG runs on a casual, ‘come as you please’ basis with options for people to be involved in the regular e-assessment webinars as an audience member, presenter or ‘TA local’ host. Webinars are intended to provide a low stakes method for connecting with experts and other people interested in e-Assessment. Webinars serve to bridge the gap between discussions that occur at both conferences and within higher education institutions.

2018 Webinar Series

The 2018 series is almost ready! Follow the links for each session for further information and registration.

TA Locals

‘TA locals’ (Transforming Assessment Locals), which are coming soon, will be locally hosted, face to face sessions to follow each webinar that aim to bring the global level discussion held in each online session into the local institutional context. The local sessions intend to support interested practitioners within each institution by getting local conversations started around the topic that was covered in the preceding webinar. The first TA local @ UQ was one conducted at the University of Queensland St Lucia campus on 6 August following on from the webinar on the 5 August.  Participants reported that the local face to face discussion was of value and served to connect them with others holding an interest in the topic.

Members at institutions wishing to establish and host their own TA local face-to-face discussion group can contact Mathew Hillier for advice. Local hosts will be able register for early access to the webinar topic presentation slides and question prompt sheet that will help them prepare to host their own TA local. Local hosts will have the option of being listed on the main transforming website.

Further Information

Involvement in the SIG and its mailing list, website and social media groups is free to ascilite members and others as is attendance at TA SIG webinars.  For further details, visit the Transforming Assessment website here.

Institutional Members