Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

Contextualising Horizon aims to identify the educational technologies and practices likely to impact the Australasian tertiary sector. Intended as a companion to the EDUCAUSE Horizon Report, the Contextualising Horizon Report brings together analysis of the trends impacting tertiary education and insights and exemplars of the significant educational technologies and practices.

By synthesising the expertise of the ASCILITE community and its affiliates, Contextualising Horizon examined the social, technological, economic, environmental and political trends impacting the tertiary education sector and identified the following seven educational technology and practice trends for 2022-2023:

  1. Hybrid and flexible learning
  2. Artificial intelligence literacy
  3. Mental health and well-being
  4. Evolution of mobile learning
  5. Integration of Indigenous knowledges

Contextualising Horizon Reports

2022-2023 Contextualising Horizon Report (Current)
2021-2022 Contextualising Horizon Report

Contextualising Horizon 2024

ASCILITE’s Contextualising Horizon will kick off its 2024 workshop series later this month. Contextualising Horizon aims to identify the technologies and practices likely to be of importance to the Australasian Higher Education sector in the next 12–18 months.

The workshop series kicks off with a group exploration of the Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, and Political (STEEP) trends impacting Australasian Higher Education. You need not be an expert in the area, and everyone is invited to contribute. The workshops are designed to surface the issues affecting the tertiary education institutions in the region through brainstorming and discussion. There will be two STEEP sessions. While the sessions will build on one another, you are encouraged to attend any one or both sessions:

Register for STEEP Session 1: Wednesday 21 February 12–2 pm AEDT
Register for STEEP Session 2: Friday 23 February 12–2 pm AEDT

In March, Contextualising Horizon will host the Technology and Practice Workshops in which we present the final STEEP trends and collectively examine the technologies and practices likely to address higher education’s challenges. There will be two sessions. Attendance at both is encouraged, but it is not required:

Register for Technology and Practice Session 1: Tuesday 19 March 12–2 pm AEDT
Register for Technology and Practice Session 2: Tuesday 26 March 12–2 pm AEDT

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