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About the Learning Analytics SIG

The ASCILITE Learning Analytics Special Interest Group (LA-SIG) aims to develop awareness and resources about Learning Analytics (LA) and its application to learning and teaching. We focus on facilitating networks and sharing practices among the LA community across Australia and New Zealand.

The LA-SIG Committee is comprised of Hazel Jones (Griffith University), Linda Corrin (Deakin University), Srecko Joksimovic (University of South Australia) and Marion Blumenstein (University of Auckland) . The focus of this group is on enabling practitioners to use Learning Analytics to inform their teaching practice with reference to Learning Design. It will complement the work being undertaken through the Society of Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) and associated groups such as the Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute (ALASI) and various State Learning Analytics Working Groups.

You will find further information on the SIG in the LA-SIG menu, including webinar recordings, resources and ways to get involved.

ASCILITE Learning Analytics SIG 2024 Series
Leveraging learning analytics for insights into motivation

Motivation plays a big part in how students engage with learning in higher education. However, there is a recent perception that student motivation is declining and, as a result, student engagement levels are also trending downward. In the 2024 ASCILITE Learning Analytics Special Interest Group series, we will take a look at how learning analytics can be used to interrogate the concept of motivation to develop insights that can help teaching staff to support student learning. Building on the ideas presented in our 2023 webinar by Dr Paula de Barba, across the series we will examine different theories, perspectives, and practical approaches to exploring the role of motivation in learning environments. The topics for our interactive series will include:

  1. What is the context for learning analytics and motivation?
  2. What is the relationship between motivation and behaviour change?
  3. How do we apply motivational theories to improve student engagement?
  4. How does staff motivation impact student motivation?
  5. Does resilience play a role in motivation?

The series will involve interactive webinars, in-person events, and culminate in a workshop at the ASCILITE Conference in Melbourne which will give participants an opportunity to tie together the concepts discussed across the year, and focus on practical strategies to take back into their own learning design/teaching roles for harnessing the insights learning analytics can uncover for supporting motivation.


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