Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

Regional Events

regional-event ASCILITE sponsors and/or endorses events and activities that promote research, trends and uses of educational technologies in tertiary education. Sponsored regional events should also ensure some form of reciprocity for ASCILITE such as potential membership recruitment or income generation.

If you are involved in the planning of a regional event, you may wish to contact ASCILITE to ascertain if there is any advantage in working together for the benefit of your participants and ASCILITE members.

Regional events or activities sponsored or endorsed by ASCILITE must be aligned to the ASCILITE strategic plan.

In the context of ASCILITE’s policy and procedure, a funded or endorsed regional event or activity is one that promotes research, trends and uses of educational technologies in tertiary education.  This includes regional events and activities that are offered by third party providers.

Considerations for determining if a regional event or activity should be sponsored or endorsed include whether the regional event/activity:

  • Is facilitated by a credible provider
  • Promotes research, trends and uses of educational technologies in tertiary education
  • Will gain prominent exposure for ASCILITE
  • Will boost ASCILITE’s membership or conference registration and attendance
  • Will create opportunities for members to connect, network, develop, recognise and share professional knowledge, expertise and practice
  • Promotes an ASCILITE SIG or community of practice
  • Enhances the credibility of ASCILITE among target groups; and
  • Contributes to ASCILITE’s financial sustainability

Further information

Contact the ASCILITE Secretariat for further information.  Proposals should address the criteria indicated above which will then be assessed by the ASCILITE Executive Committee.

Institutional Members