Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

Strategic Activities & Partnerships


ASCILITE supports strategic activities and partnerships in a variety of ways and in the context of ASCILITE’s policy, strategic activities are those events that are implemented by a respected individual or a reputable organization.

Partnerships are those on-going relationships that ASCILITE forms with like-minded associations or organizations, currently EDEN (European Distance & eLearning Network),  ALT (Association of Learning Technologies, UK), SoLAR (Society for Learning Analytics Research) and EduGrowth (Australia).  These long-term strategic  relationships take the form of Memorandums of Understanding between like-minded organisations. Details on ASCILITE’s current MoUs may be found here.

Any activity that seeks ASCILITE’s support must be one that promotes research, emerging trends and the uses of educational technologies in tertiary education.  It should also ensure some form of reciprocity for ASCILITE such as potential membership recruitment or income generation.

ASCILITE evaluates proposals for support against a set of defined criteria and should it decide to support an activity or partnership, it generally does so in one of three ways:

  • endorse
  • promote
  • sponsor/fund

Considerations for determining if an activity should be supported include whether the event or activity:

  • Supports an ASCILITE member service such as the Community Mentoring Program (CMP) or the ASCILITE annual awards
  • Promotes an ASCILITE community of practice (CoP)
  • Facilitated by a respected practitioner or organization
  • Promotes research, trends and uses of educational technologies in tertiary education
  • Gains positive exposure for ASCILITE
  • Boosts ASCILITE’s membership or conference registrations and attendance
  • Creates opportunities for members to connect, network, develop, recognize and share professional knowledge, expertise and practice
  • Enhances the credibility of ASCILITE among target groups; and/or
  • Contributes to the financial sustainability of the Society.

Full details of ASCILITE’s policy with regards the different types of support and the criteria used to assess a proposal are available in this Strategic Activities & Partnerships Policy.

If you are involved in the planning of an activity and seek ASCILITE’s support, you may wish to contact ASCILITE to ascertain if there is any advantage in working together for the benefit of your participants and ASCILITE members.

Further information

Contact the ASCILITE Secretariat for further information.  Proposals should address the criteria indicated in the policy document cited above.

Institutional Members