Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education


The TELedvisors Network SIG holds monthly webinars on the last Thursday of the month on a range of topics of interest to members of the community.  You can join the live webinars at  All sessions are recorded and you’ll find the YouTube playlist here.  For your convenience session headings are listed below.

August 2021 Humanising online learning: screen-casted audiovisual feedback in higher education, Ameena Payne

August 2021 Student musicians’ engagement with PebblePad for authentic professional learning, Dr Diana Tolmie

July 2021 Enabling HyFlex teaching webinar Michael Crocco

July 2021 Enabling HyFlex teaching webinar, Kym Schutz

July 2021 Enabling HyFlex teaching webinar, Courtney Shalavin and Sandris Zeivots

June 2021 TELedvisors webinar, Shari Bowker

May 2021 TELedvisors webinar, Natalia Veles

May 2021 TELedvisors webinar Colin Simpson

April 2021 Wendy Taleo

April 2021 Sarah Lambert and Johanna Funk

April 2021 Frances Bell

March 2021 Kate Mitchell A (fast) Slow Chat

March 2021 Colin Simpson MS Teams for the TELedvisors community

March 2021 Amanda White MS Teams in Teaching

May 2020 The t0p tools for curriculum transformation in 2020

April 2020 Developing edvisors: Professional Learning and Development

March 2020 – Raising ABLE: Scaling Learning Design with a Design System

November 2019 – ePortfolios in the field

October 2019 – Edvising across the sector

September 2019 – Academic Developers: What do they do?

August 2019 – TELedvisors Research fireside chat

July 2019 – The EdTech Sharktank

June 2019 – AR/VR/MR in education

May 30 2019 – Engineering serendipity – Using network visualisations to collaborate

May 2 2019 – What do Learning Technologists do?

March 2019 – The future of TEL

Sept 2018 – Meet your edvisors

August 2018 – Openness in education

July 2018 Accreditation and recognition

June 2018 Teaching support sites showcase II

May 2018 – Projects-in-progress showcase

April 2018 – ACODE Benchmarking & Academic development: overcoming resistance

March 2018 – Student voice in learning design

February 2018 – Research and network projects web chat discussion

November 2017 – Reflection and ePortfolios

October 2017 – Support Site Showcase

September 2017 – Synchronous learning environments

August 2017 – Gamification: Pluses and pitfalls

July 2017 – Using Social Media in teaching in Higher Ed

June 2017 – TELedvisors: What’s in a name?

May 2017 – Our personal professional development

April 2017 – Building capacity amongst teaching staff

March 2017 – MoPPing up: Aligning Policy and Practice

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