Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

SRES: Empowering teachers to use meaningful data at scale, 28 June 2017 Video Recording Abstract The Student Relationship Engagement System (SRES) was developed at the University of Sydney to help academics personalise engagement with large student cohorts. Academics consistently report that positive feedback from students "shows how helpful the SRES is in allowing us to… Continue reading

How to Become an AJET Reviewer or Author, 22 May 2017 Video Recording Abstract In this session, the editors provided an overview of the publication process and what it takes to become a successful AJET author or reviewer. The editors outlined the AJET editorial process, including the screening and peer review processes, and highlight important… Continue reading

The Role of Data in the Provision of Feedback at Scale, 11 April 2017 Video Recording Abstract Technology mediation allows to capture comprehensive data sets about interactions occurring in learning experiences. Although these data sets have the potential of increasing the insight on how learning occurs, their use strongly depends on two aspects: the data… Continue reading

Community Mentoring Program Information Session, 13 Feb 2017 Video Recording Abstract The ASCILITE Community Mentoring Program (CMP) provides mentoring opportunities across a number of fields including technical, academic development, learning development, faculty academics and early career researchers, graphic designers, and programmers.  This 40 minute webinar aimed to provide an understanding of how the CMP works… Continue reading

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