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SRES: Empowering teachers to use meaningful data at scale, 28 June 2017

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The Student Relationship Engagement System (SRES) was developed at the University of Sydney to help academics personalise engagement with large student cohorts. Academics consistently report that positive feedback from students "shows how helpful the SRES is in allowing us to give the kind of personalised attention to students that time wouldn't otherwise allow". From marking attendance, analysing grades, collecting live feedback, and providing easy ways to personalise bulk feedback to students via emails and web portals, the SRES gives academics access to data that are meaningful in their contexts and helps them to create personalised learning environments with targeted feedback and support.

This unique and inherently practical application of learning analytics is currently used across 20 departments in over 100 units and reaches over 22,000 students at the University of Sydney. It has been credited with increasing student engagement, improving retention rates, and enhancing students’ learning outcomes. The SRES is also being piloted at the University of Melbourne and University of New South Wales. The project won the ASCILITE Innovation Award 2016.

In this webinar, participants learned about how real academics have used the SRES to personalise learning and support for their students. They also received some hands-on time with the SRES, and heard about how you could pilot it at your institution.


The SRES team at the University of Sydney includes a mix of academics and professional staff, all with an interest in using data to improve the student experience.

Dr Danny Liu is a molecular biologist by training, programmer by night, researcher and academic developer by day, and educator at heart. A national teaching award winner, he focuses on wrangling technology to improve learning and teaching by working at the confluence of educational technology, student engagement, learning analytics, and professional development and leadership.

Professor Adam Bridgeman is Director of Educational Innovation at the University of Sydney and has received institutional and national awards for teaching and is an Australian National Teaching Fellow. He aims to invigorate and change learning and teaching culture through a focus on blended, collaborative, and interactive learning designs.

Kevin Samnick is an Educational Designer with a background in secondary STEM teaching, pharmaceutical research, and biology.  He is an advocate for education, learning, technology, and ensuring students and teachers are our first priority in higher education.

Ruth Weeks is an Educational Design Manager with a background in teaching English as a foreign language and academic writing. She is passionate about teaching with technology and the future of digital education.

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