Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

The Role of Data in the Provision of Feedback at Scale, 11 April 2017

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Technology mediation allows to capture comprehensive data sets about interactions occurring in learning experiences. Although these data sets have the potential of increasing the insight on how learning occurs, their use strongly depends on two aspects: the data has to be properly situated in the learning design, and the insights derived need to be translated into actions. In this talk we will explore how to establish this connection for the case of the provision of feedback. We will approach the problem from the point of view of intelligence amplification, that is, how data can support instructors to provide better support to learners through feedback. The talk will discuss some preliminary results from the project.


Abelardo Pardo, Associate Professor School of Electrical & Information Engineering, The University of Sydney

Associate Professor Pardo specialises in technology enhanced learning with emphasis on learning and behavioral analytics, computer supported collaborative learning, and personalization of learning experiences. He is the Vice President of the Society for Learning Analytics Research. In his (scarce) spare time, he maintains the blog T2T. Techies meet Teachers, which focuses on issues related to technology when used in learning experiences.

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