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Current SIGS

ASCILITEa supports a diverse range of Special Interest Groups as per the list below.  You can click each of the SIGs below to find-out more or go to the main menu and “Connect”.

Application Process for New SIGs

sigMembers are invited to submit proposals to form SIGs that have a clear purpose and need that aligns with the ASCILITE 2018 – 2021 Strategic Plan.  Proposals need to describe SIG activities that engage members towards meaningful outcomes and encourage participation.

ASCILITE SIGs offer ASCILITE members the opportunity to work together to pursue common interests in research and practice and to create a ‘buzz’ around their focus, goals and achievements both within and beyond the ASCILITE community.

Approved SIGs will have access to annual funding from ASCILITE and may be extended beyond the first year if they prove to be viable. SIGs will be encouraged to utilise ASCILITE’s webinar service to conduct their own webinars and they will have access to a dedicated presence on the ASCILITE website. SIGs will be encouraged to use ASCILITE’s social media and networking tools to broadcast their activities and achievements to the ASCILITE community and beyond. SIG events at the ASCILITE conference will also provide opportunities to promote SIG activities to meetings, discuss and disseminate information.

To establish and lead a SIG, you must be a current ASCILITE member, however non-ASCILITE members can join your SIG.

ASCILITE’s SIG initiative evolved from an investigation of approaches to SIGs taken by similar organisations such as ALT (UK). We are excited to be able to offer this community building initiative with its focus on member leadership and engagement.

Full details on how to establish a SIG are available via this Policy & Procedure document. After reading this document, download this PDF form to submit your proposal. There is no deadline for SIG proposals as they may be submitted at any time – however an annual budget allocation will limit the number of SIGs that can be approved and funded in any given year because the ASCILITE budget is finalized at the pre-conference Executive Committee meeting and then presented to members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for approval.  The AGM is held at the annual conference in late November or early December.

Further information

Please read the Policy & Procedure document and the submission form and then contact the with any questions.

Institutional Members
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