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A multidisciplinary approach to embedding digital literacy across the curricula

We suggest skipping the video recording between the 4:00 min to 8:00 min mark because of glitches in the audio.  The presenters summarized key points missed once their audio was re-established.

Abstract:  This webinar provided participants with an overview of Deakin University’s Professional Literacy Suite (PLS) and explained how the multidisciplinary project team implemented and scaffolded the suite across the course, and how it supported both staff and students.   The PLS is a set of three embedded digital literacy modules developed to translate Deakin University’s Graduate Learning Outcome of Digital Literacy and support employability.  It is the first suite of online digital and professional literacy modules created at a course wide level at Deakin. Digital literacy and employability skills were identified as educational skill gaps as part of a key Business course renewal and the PLS was designed in response to this, being created and maintained by a multi-disciplinary team with diverse skills and expertise, utilising an agile, responsive and iterative team approach. The modules leverage off the unique interactive and adaptive technologies of Tumult Hype and Smart Sparrow.  The PLA project was awarded the 2018 ASCILITE Innovation Award in recognition of its outstanding innovation in the field of teaching and learning.  You will find a blog post on the PLA that explains the project more fully here.

Presenters:  Simone Tyrell is the Faculty of Business and Law Digital Literacy Programs Librarian. Simone provides expert advice on Library resources and Digital Literacy to Academics, Researchers and Students. Simone has collaborated with Course Directors, academics and professional staff to design, create, implement and maintain course wide Digital Literacy Modules for students within the Faculty.  Dr Leanne Ngo: is the Director of Teaching and Learning Innovations in the Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University. Leanne is foremost an educator with a deep passion for shaping the next generation of learners, learning spaces and communities. Leanne has over 15 years of teaching, research and academic support in the application of technology and curriculum design in higher education.  Michael Volkov is a passionate educator and the Director of Teaching and Learning in the Department of Marketing, Deakin Business School at Deakin University.  With over 15 years’ experience in higher education, he places the student at the centre of his endeavours and is a recognised and award-winning leader in teaching and learning.

Slides:  You can view and download the session slides here (PDF).

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