Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

ASCILITE Live! Virtual learning experiences utilizing digital technologies, 25 August 2021

This Massey University team received an ASCILITE Innovation Award in 2020 and their presentation will highlight the team’s innovation which resulted in the development of  three applications that enabled virtual experiences: Virtual microscopy that delivers an interactive microscope experience, enabling full slide viewing and zooming of interactive magnification views of stained glass slides on any device. Integrated virtual microscope slide images linked to E-publication of the research project, enabling readers of the publication to view and interact with an on-line microscope image referenced in the paper discussion. Virtual experiments for student physiology labs performed on living tissues, delivering interactive data recordings of physiological parameters integrated into on-line lessons examining isolated smooth muscle tissue, cardiac function, and uterine function. Following implementation, survey results revealed that the majority of students found the virtual lessons favourable and beneficial to their learning.


Preet Singh is a senior lecturer in the Animal Welfare Science & Bioethics Centre, Massey University and teaches Anatomy and Physiology in Veterinary course at Massey. He along with Neil and Antony are leaders in adopting innovative technologies with an aim to increase student engagement and provide positive learning experiences in veterinary anatomy and physiology courses.

Neil Ward is the technical director and senior technician in the Animal Welfare Science & Bioethics Centre, Massey University. He teaches into Veterinary, Agriculture and Science courses and contributes to many post-graduate and staff projects in physiology, animal welfare and pain studies. He has been a leader in the evolution of computer technologies for both teaching & research. A particular interest has been application of the 3 Rs and welfare of staff working with animals.

Antony Jacob is a research technician in the Animal Welfare science & Bioethics Centre, Massey University. He is actively involved in creating content for student practical teaching using the Kura cloud platform. His research interests include developing new methods to analyze the pharmacodynamic effect of various drugs used in different animal species.

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