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The cARdiac ECG app – augmented reality for engagement and understanding

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cARdiac ECG is a mobile augmented reality app that helps healthcare students learn how to understand and interpret electrocardiography traces anywhere, anytime. Augmented reality was recognised as a technology that could present healthcare students with a way to integrate, and overlay, a 2D ECG trace with a 3D model of the heart to help their understanding of the relationship between the two. This webinar  explaindc the history of the cARdiac ECG project, staff and student outcomes, and provided a live demonstration of the app itself.


Colin Warren is an educator who has worked across various disciplines at Deakin University for over 20 years in several roles including teaching, research and administration. He has worked as a senior lecturer in the School of Medicine since 2012 where he manages the eLearning team that supports the use of technology in the various degree programs of the School. As member of the cARdiac ECG team he was involved in the initial development of the project scope and the pedagogical design of the “learn and assess” modules of the application.

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