Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

ASCILITE Live! webinar: Review and Showcase of Smart Learning Environments

Enabled by various pedagogical and technological innovations, brand new learning environments can be created to support teaching and learning. They are collectively referred as the commonly known “smart learning environments”.  A smart learning environment is conceptualized as a learning environment that emphasizes learning flexibility, effectiveness, efficiency, engagement, adaptivity, and reflectiveness, where both formal learning and informal learning are integrated. Embracing a variety of concepts, including personalized learning, intelligent tutoring, adaptive learning, blended learning, collaborative learning, and open online learning, and many more, there are obviously no single form of smart learning environments. As new concepts, approaches, methods and technologies continue to evolve, there are always new opportunities for advancing the learning environments.

This webinar aimed to review the latest development of smart learning practices and showcase a number of successful implementations for knowledge exchange and experience sharing with researchers and practitioners in the field.


Overview: Introduction to smart learning environments and the presenters (10 min) Simon K.S. Cheung (The Open University of Hong Kong)*

Presentation 1 : Patterns and trends of smart learning practices (10 min) Kam Cheong Li (The Open University of Hong Kong)

Presentation 2 : Game-based learning of information literacy (10 min) Ruofei Zhang (The Education University of Hong Kong)

Presentation 3 : Automatic speech recognition for EFL learners (10 min) Michael Jiang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Presentation 4 : Smart learning in extra-curricular activities (10 min) Lam For Kwok (City University of Hong Kong)* Future development of smart learning environments, and thank the presenters (10 min) Fu Lee Wang (The Open University of Hong Kong)*

* Guest editors of the AJET Special Issue on “Smart Learning Environments”

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