Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

Listen to Your Edvisors!

Education Technologists, Learning Designers and Academic Developers of the TELedvisors Special Interest Group

Abstract: Collectively, “edvisors” (education technologists, academic developers and learning designers and those in similar roles) occupy a critical niche in the tertiary education sector that is sometimes known as the ‘Third Space’.  They sit between administration and education, providing advice and support to educators about many aspects of learning and teaching from the pedagogical to the technological.  The TELedvisors Special Interest Group opened its doors in 2017 and has now grown to nearly 500 members; conducting a wide range of online and in-person events along the way.  In 2019, ASCILITE recognised the TELedvisors network for its achievements in supporting and developing this community throughout the tertiary sector.   This session was an opportunity to learn more about this network’s activities and the significant contribution that people in its various roles make to learning and teaching.

Presenter: The session was moderated by Colin Simpson sits on the organizing committee of the ASCILITE TELedvisors SIG. Colin is an Education Innovation Designer at Monash University and a recipient of the 2019 ASCILITE Community Fellow Award.

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