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Learning Centered Analytics: Mission Possible Workshop

Are we getting impact with learning analytics?

What insights are learning analytics giving us about learning?

How does learning design inform how we interpret learning analytics?

The ASCILITE Learning Analytics Special Interest Group conducted a national workshop on 6 September 2019 to explore the impact of learning analytics in higher education and how learning is framed within learning analytics practice.  The event was held simultaneously in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

The theme of the workshop was to bring together two dominant and critical conversations in learning analytics in the Australian context. The first was how we understand and operationalise learning within learning analytics practice and respond to concern that LA can sometimes privilege a limited framing of learning. The second responded to perceptions that LA has perhaps not delivered the impact on learning, teaching and student success outcomes that many in the sector were expecting. But how do we define ‘impact’? And how can we ‘see’ impact?

In response, these workshops explored powerful exemplars that are emerging in both research and professional practice of learning analytics that afford insight not just into learning behaviours, but other learning processes, and the contexts in which learning is situated.

The workshop featured a range of Australian speakers who provided insights and examples of how learning and impact can be conceptualised and operationalised.

Workshop Resources

You will find the presentation slides from all three workshops below:

  • The UQ Course Insights Journey – Linking Learning Analytics, Learning Design and Feedback (Aneesha Bakharia, UQ) – pptx
  • Learner-centred LA – the case for single case analysis (Peter Reimann, Sydney University) – pptx
  • Learning analytics informing learning design in action (Shirley Agostinho and David Fulcher, University of Wollongong) – pdf
  • From product to process the analytics of teamwork and sensemaking (Srecko Joksimovic, University of South Australia) – link
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