Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

Webinar 1: MOPping up: aligning policy and practice, 9 March 2017


A number of tertiary institutions have employed a minimum online presence (MOP) or Blended Learning strategy, however the variety and depth of these can vary. While most will consider blended and online learning in terms of policy (privacy, key information available to students), some have expanded to incorporate quality indicators that consider good practice in blended and online learning and teaching. We will take a tour of some of the recent work happening across institutions and lead an in-depth discussion of the elements involved in these documents and how they compare to what might be exemplary blended and online learning. This discussion is relevant to those who may be interested in developing or supporting good practice guidelines within their institution.

How far should institutions go in providing clear guidelines and recommendations to their faculty/broader staff? Should these form the basis of other quality assurance or subject evaluation measures? How do we ensure institutional policy aligns with good practice? How do we ensure the range of institutional voices (including academics, students and our own) are considered as part of the approach?


  • Lynnae Venaruzzo, Western Sydney University: WSU Blended Learning Standards
  • Leanne Ngo, Deakin University: Discussing Deakin’s Minimum Standards
  • Kate Mitchell, La Trobe University: A review of current University standards locally and internationally

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