Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

Webinar 2: Building capacity amongst teaching staff, 6 April 2017


Implementing technology within learning and teaching requires a number of key elements/considerations to be supported, including technical and training/pedagogical support. Research suggests that for teaching staff to effectively integrate technology, they require both pedagogical and technical knowledge and skills.

However recent reports suggest that the technical capacity of adults more broadly is lower than one might expect. Some universities are now recognising staff capacity and the need to build upon this capacity as a key area of focus. We will discuss the range of skills we feel are required to effectively integrate educational technologies and work in blended and online spaces, some of the current assumptions and misconceptions of staff skills and attitudes, and ways in which we can both support others and advocate for their needs.


  • Oriel Kelly, Academic Manager, New Zealand Tertiary College – increasing DIL for staff (and students) in preparation for technology supported teaching and learning (20:14)
  • Ms Caroline Ondracek, Senior Coordinator, Curricular Services (Library), La Trobe University – the La Trobe University Digital Literacies Framework (18:34)
  • Dr Naomi Barnes, Postdoctoral adjunct and Senior Research Assistant at Griffith Institute for Educational Research – Reconceptualising digital spaces to build staff digital capacity (20:20)

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