Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

Notice of Special Meeting

13 August 2021

Invitation to members

The ASCILITE Executive is calling for a Special Meeting of members to consider and vote on proposed amendments to the ASCILITE constitution.  Normally, such proposals would be considered at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place during the ASCILITE conference.  However, due to the nature of the proposed amendments, the Executive wishes to effect these changes in time for the annual election of Executive Committee members in October.

All current ASCILITE members are invited to attend the online Special Meeting and cast their vote on the constitutional changes indicated below.

Date and time: 13 August @ 9:45am AEST | 7:45am Singapore/Hong Kong | 11:45am Auckland | Other time zones

Venue: Join the zoom meeting here.

RSVP: Please RSVP for the meeting by Friday 31 July.

Background to the Proposed Changes

Over the last several years, ASCILITE has doubled its membership numbers and significantly expanded the number of services it offers to the ASCILITE community.  While this growth is most welcome, it is placing additional pressures on the ASCILITE Executive Committee whose members must manage the portfolios associated with these activities. In this regard, the number of portfolios that the Executive manages has increased from ten in 2016 to 20 in 2021.

As a result of this growth, the Executive is now asking members to consider changes to the ASCILITE constitution that will expand the Executive Committee from 9 members to 10 members.  (This number is separate to co-opted committee member who are appointed by the Executive from time to time to help out).

In addition to members voting on committee numbers at the meeting, the Executive is also proposing several changes to the constitution that will assist conference organising committees (COC).  The first change reduces the number of ASCILITE members that are required to sit on any COC. The second change provides the COC with additional time to organise transfer of membership fees paid by conference delegates as part of their conference registration and the final change removes the financial burden and time required to prepare audited accounts.  ASCILITE itself is not required to prepare audited accounts, only reconciled accounts.

Wording of the Proposed Changes

Wording to be changed is indicated below. Deleted words are indicated by strikeout and the new wording is underlined.  Reasons for the changes are provided above but will also be elaborated upon at the meeting.

The following changes as per Section D (Management of the Association) on page 8 will increase the number of Executive Committee members from 9 to 10:

  • 13 (b) The Executive shall be comprised of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and up to six seven Executive Members all of whom shall be Members of the Association
  • 13 (e) The President, Vice–President and 3 Executive Members will be elected in one year while the Treasurer and 3 4 Executive Members will be elected the following year.

The following changes to the By-Laws, Section 2 (Annual Conference) on pages 20 and 22 will assist ASCILITE conference organising committees.  The proposed changes are:

  • (b) (i) A Conference Proposal Committee will be recognized by the Society upon the receipt by the Secretariat of a statement to the following effect: (i) stating that the members of  in the Conference Proposal Committee that is being formed, All such members 50% of the Committee members plus one additional member are members of the Society and who must each sign the statement;
  • (i) (ix) to collect membership fees on behalf of the Society, where these are paid at the time of registering for the conference. The contact details of new members shall be passed to the Secretariat within one week of receipt of fees. All membership fees shall be passed onto the Secretariat within one week 30 days of conclusion of the Conference;
  • (i) (x) to provide monthly financial reporting to the Executive commencing at least six months prior to the Conference and to provide the Executive with an audited reconciled financial statement of all receipts and payments associated with the Conference together with a cheque for the transfer to ASCILITE of the balance of all remaining funds within six months after the Conference;

You will find a copy of the current constitution here.

Institutional Members