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AJET Special Issue on Learning Design Research: Mapping the terrain

In 2017, the Learning Design SIG community was invited to develop a Special Issue of AJET on Learning Design which was subsequently published in April 2017.

The Abstract for the issue reads as follows; “Learning Design as a field of educational research and practice is gaining traction internationally. Not only is Learning Design now acknowledged as a complex and integrated process, demanding specialised knowledge and skills, it is a field of technology enhanced learning and teaching that is forward looking and globally focused. This special issue is unable to provide a unified position of what Learning Design is or resolve the debate, but it is able to contribute to a better understanding of the complexity of this field of educational research and practice. It also showcases some of the cutting edge work currently conducted internationally in Learning Design research and development.”

You can access the Special Issue on the AJET website.

Design, Develop, Implement – A Team-Based Approach to Learning Design Workshop

On 27 November 2016, the Learning Design SIG presented a full day workshop “Design, Develop, Implement – A Team-Based Approach to Learning Design” and you will find below a detailed description of what was covered in the workshop along with links to the workshop resources (currently available only to SIG members and workshop attendees).


In complex organizations like universities, the ways in which faculties and disciplines integrate technology into their curricula is far from consistent, with the quality of the outcomes varying considerably. The reasons for this include the diverse learning and teaching needs in faculties, the variety of pedagogical traditions in disciplines, and also the lack of accessible learning design processes for academic and professional staff. This raises significant challenges but also offers opportunities to review existing practices to inform future developments using design patterns for learning with technology as a lever.

The aim of this workshop was to introduce a learning design process, namely the Design, Develop, Implement (DDI), which supports curriculum development at program level underpinned by design thinking principles.  Sub-sessions in the workshop were hands on, using open space technologies and practices on how to put in action the idea of Dotmocracy. The workshop was designed for both academic and professional staff interested in introducing learning design for curriculum development in their institutions. (Learn more about DDI here).

You can view a detailed program of what was covered in the the workshop here.


Dr Panos Vlachopoulos, is a Senior Teaching Fellow in Learning Innovations in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Macquarie University. He studied Philosophy and Pedagogy at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece, followed by an M.Ed in E-learning from the University of Manchester and a PhD in Education (Online Pedagogy) from the University of Aberdeen. His areas of expertise include online tutoring, the facilitation of student-driven learning, and the development of academic staff capabilities for teaching online. He has international experience of online learning design, teaching and research in technology-enhanced learning from diverse educational contexts such as universities in the UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Greece.

Workshop Resources

You can access the workshop resources here by entering the password below that has been provided to all workshop attendees and SIG members.

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