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Awards for Excellence in Learning Analytics: Submissions Library

The following Awards submissions provide a library of resources about the many and varied applications of Learning Analytics across Australia and New Zealand. We hope you will find these short videos useful and that they seed ideas for collaboration and innovation.

2016 Submissions


bullet-point-customSupporting students' ownership of their learning with analytics (Winner)

Submitted by: Carl Reidsema, Lydia Kavanagh, Esther Fink, Peter Sutton and Melanie Fleming (University of Queensland)

Description: A student facing approach to learning analytics. Supporting students learning through innovative tools; Journey Maker, Learning Pathway and Dashboard. The Faculty has trialed more active approaches to learning in order to increase student engagement. Learning analytics are used to assist students to improve their own learning in this process.

Link: Supporting students' ownership of their learning with analytics

bullet-point-customAcademic Writing Analytics (Finalist)

Submitted by: Adam Aitken (UTS)

Description: AWA – Academic Writing Analytics, an online learning application using Natural Language Parsing techniques to analyse student analytic and reflective writing, and then giving feedback at sentence and whole text level. Its text analytics is informed by rhetorical and genre analysis of academic writing.

Link: AWA – Academic Writing Analytics

bullet-point-customIncorporating cognitive and design science into institutional design and implementation strategy of course-level analytics (Finalist)

Submitted by: Sakinah Alhadad (Griffith University)

Description: Analytics, as a tool, can serve as a means to provide actionable and timely data at the course-level. To this end, we have re-designed the Blackboard integrated reports by applying cognitive and design science, as well as developing formats that scaffold users across a wide range of pedagogical data literacy.


2015 Submissions


bullet-point-customLearning Analytics and Interactive Surfaces: a dashboard for enhancing teachers awareness in the classroom (Winner)

Submitted by: Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, The University of Sydney

Description: A Learning Analytics teacher's dashboard for a multi-surface classroom is presented. This is a system that harnesses the new affordances of interactive tabletops to generate automatic visualisations and notifications about small group collaborative tasks for the teacher in real-time.

Link: Learning Analytics and Interactive Surfaces

bullet-point-customA personalised and cross-institutional approach to connect students with staff through customisable analytics (Finalist)

Submitted by: Danny Liu, The University of Sydney

Description: To personalise the student experience with large and diverse cohorts, we have introduced a data-informed and flexible approach which tracks and connects students, staff and services. We outline the principles and outcomes of our transition pedagogy and overview the Learning Analytics software we have developed to support it.

Link: A personalised and cross-institutional approach

bullet-point-customEducational Technology Team – EASICONNECT (Finalist)

Submitted by: Damien Clark, CQUniversity

Description: This video will take you on a journey outlining our Learning Analytics approach with examples of how it works, evidence to support its effectiveness in improving student engagement and how it facilitates teachers' reflective practice.

Link: Educational Technology Team – EASICONNECT

bullet-point-customAn enhanced Learning Analytics plugin for Moodle-student engagement and personalised intervention

Submitted by: Chris Froissard, Macquarie University

Description: Our project modified and enhanced an existing Moodle plugin to add additional indicators and new functionality. Teachers can now use the plugin to identify students at risk of not completing their unit and contact them quickly and efficiently. This project is based on research from the field of Learning Analytics.

Link: An enhanced Learning Analytics plugin

bullet-point-customThe Engagement Tool

Submitted by: Mark Nichols, Open Polytechnic

Description: Open Polytechnic is a specialist provider of open and distance education. Supporting students is challenging, particularly when students proceed at their own pace and multiple learning cohorts are active. The Engagement Tool makes it easy for staff to identify, contact and encourage at-risk students.

Link: The Engagement Tool

bullet-point-customYou Don't Have to Start Your Class with a Blank Canvas!

Submitted by: Martin Carroll, Charles Darwin University

Description: CDU, in partnership with Blackboard, has developed a bespoke Student Snapshot report. This responds to requests from teaching staff to have information about their students available from the start of semester to help them prepare their learner engagement approach. Student Snapshot has become the report most regularly consulted by staff.

Link: You Don't Have to Start Your Class with a Blank Canvas

bullet-point-customLearning Analytics @ UniSA: Changing how we teach – changing how we learn

Submitted by: Cassandra Colvin, University of South Australia

Description: Discussion and overview of the Learning Analytics implementations at the University of South Australia. The talk covers the need for learning analtyics, the institutional approach implemented, and the associated visualisations and analytics dashboard.

Link: Learning analytics @ UniSA

bullet-point-customUsing Techniques from Accounting to Accelerate the Learning of Accounting

Submitted by: Brent Gregory, University of New England

Description: Video describing how principles of accounting have been used to improve the teaching of accounting with particular emphasis on analysis of data.

Link: Using Techniques from Accounting to Accelerate the Learning of Accounting

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