Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

Writing Effective Research Funding Applications, 29 June 2016 Abstract Grant writing can sometimes seem like a dark art! Most applications are dismissed by reviewers, not because the project is not worthy, but because the application is poorly written. This session showed participants how to address some of those fundamental issues to ensure that their application… Continue reading

CMALT Australasia accreditation, 10 June 2016 Abstract This webinar was designed to explain details of CMALT Australasia's professional accreditation scheme and how to develop a professional portfolio. In this webinar one of our ascilite CMALT holders, Stephen Bright, shared his experience of achieving CMALT accreditation. This included sharing the development of his e-portfolio in Mahara… Continue reading

Improving student learning outcomes through virtual internship based teaching, 24 May 2016 Abstract Developing students’ professional skills is critical for their success in the workplace. This webinar introduces virtual internships based teaching as a methodology that enables students to develop skills and knowledge through an immersive virtual learning environment in which students assume the role… Continue reading

The path to identifying, developing and implementing an innovation to harness the power of immediate feedback, 12 May 2016 Abstract This webinar provided and overview of the 2015 ascilite Innovation Award winning project on Harnessing the power of immediate feedback. The winner of the award, Brent Gregory from the University of New England explains his… Continue reading

Introducing the ascilite Learning Design SIG, 29 March 2016 Abstract This webinar will introduce the new ascilite Learning Design SIG. It will provide a current working definition of Learning Design from the Larnaca group and an opportunity to share and exchange ideas and recent research. Further, possible synergies and networking opportunities among SIG participants will… Continue reading

Digital learning without connectivity: How one project is taking higher education to incarcerated students, 21 March 2016 Abstract As universities move increasingly online, they risk further marginalising those students without access to reliable internet. Very often these students are already marginalised and may include those in remote Indigenous communities, those in rural, regional and remote… Continue reading

Community Mentoring Program Information Session, 12 February 2016 Abstract This 40 minute webinar aimed to provide an understanding of how ascilite's Community Mentoring Program (CMP) works and how it can benefit both mentors and mentees. The ascilite CMP provides mentoring opportunities across a number of fields including technical, academic development, learning development, faculty academics and… Continue reading

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