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About the Learning Analytics SIG

The ASCILITE Learning Analytics Special Interest Group (LA-SIG) aims to develop awareness and resources about Learning Analytics (LA) and its application to learning and teaching. We focus on facilitating networks and sharing practices among the LA community across Australia and New Zealand.

The LA-SIG Committee is comprised of Hazel Jones, Casandra Colvin, Sakinah Alhadad and Linda Corrin. The focus of this group is on enabling practitioners to use Learning Analytics to inform their teaching practice with reference to Learning Design. It will complement the work being undertaken through the Society of Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) and associated groups such as the Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute (ALASI) and various State Learning Analytics Working Groups.

You will find further information on the SIG in the LA-SIG menu, including webinar recordings, resources and ways to get involved.

Call for workshop presentation submissions: Integrating learning analytics and learning design

Submissions are now invited for the workshop “Integrating learning analytics and learning design” hosted by the ASCILITE Learning Analytics Special Interest Group as part of the annual ASCILITE conference in Geelong.

When interpreting the outputs of the analysis of data about students’ activities in learning environments it is important to make reference to how such learning activities and environments have been designed. Learning design provides a descriptive framework for educators to make visible this complex process, thus providing them with the opportunity to scrutinise and refine future design. Integrating learning analytics with design provides a structure for understanding the data as situated in the design. Despite the potential theoretical and practical benefits of this integration, the reality of doing so is fraught with challenges.

This half-day workshop will explore a range of issues in relation to the link between the fields of learning analytics and learning design. We invite presenters who are currently working on projects that integrate these two areas to submit an extended abstract (max. 1 page) for a brief (10 min) presentation discussing your experience. These contributions need not be accounts of mature or ‘successful’ implementations. Rather we are interested in gleaning insight into what institutions are seeking to achieve when aligning learning design and learning analytics. In particular we’d like presenters to consider:

  • How you conceptualise design in your context
  • The theoretical framings of your approach
  • Institutional/contextual drivers for your project
  • What elements of learning design are interesting to you in your project
  • What lessons have been learnt (so far)

Submissions are due on 26 October 2018 and should be sent to If you have any further questions about this call for presentation submissions, please email the LA – SIG facilitators at the same email address.

Many thanks!

Hazel, Linda, Sakinah and Cass
Learning Analytics SIG Facilitators

Institutional Members