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Partnership and Profit

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Face to face conference

Millicent Poole Foreword by the Vice Chancellor, Edith Cowan Universityiv
Martin Jansen Welcome from the Conference Convenorv
Clare McBeath and
Roger Atkinson
Julie Bowden and
David Price
The time has come the walrus said....: The Esperance Community College Project1-5
Tony Bryant Re-engineering higher education: Reconciling profitability with the common goodKeynote
David Clark-Murphy Wrong speed and direction on the information highway?20-24
David Clark-Murphy No executive is an island25-26
Barney Clarkson 'I've never enjoyed teaching so much': Turning teachers onto learning technologies27-30
Harry Clements-Shepherd Putting more mileage into your training dollars31-33
Carolyn Dowling Academic discourse in the age of the Internet34-40
Simon Gipson Planning technology for schools: A design methodology41-48
Simon Gipson The challenges of integrating information technology into a Thai educational setting: The story of Tridhos School Village, Chiang Mai49-55
John Green The new generation graphing calculator and its application in the mathematics classroom56-60
Jenni Hardy, Maria Miller, Alison Stewart, Brock Lewin Creative educational strategies to facilitate nurses' knowledge of Aboriginal health issues61-66
Monica Hill Words in Your Ear: English vocabulary learning program67-73
J. Lynley Hutton Education versus 'edu-tainment': The use of the Internet for course delivery in New Zealand74-78
Sue Jefferies and
Hume Winzar
Marketing education services in a virtual world: Challenges and opportunities234-235
Janet F. Johns 3-Dimensional practice environments for mechanical skills training79-85
Bryn Jones The Asynchronous Space and Time Planning Tool Workshop236-237
Peter Jones Going beyond visualisation: Using Java to learn Java over the web86-91
Mark Keough Successful models for enterprise vocational education: Distributed learning strategiesKeynote
G. (Chandru) Kistan Globalisation: A myth, fantasy or reality?101-104
Richard G. Kunkel Lessons learned the hard way: Encountering a few potholes while taking a course onto the Information Superhighway239
Andrew Litchfield Designing educational media: Learner centred processes105-112
Andrew Litchfield Educational technology support: Issues and barriers at UNSW240-246
Margaret Lloyd Is humanity celebrated or threatened by information technology in the workplace?113-116
Robert Long and Greg Smith The educational power of IntranetsKeynote
Chris Lund and Simone Volet Barriers to studying online for the first time: Students' perceptions123-136
Jon Mason and Jillian Dellit Collaboration, cooperation and cultural change: EdNA's potential - Planning for progress, partnership and prophecyKeynote
Jennifer Masters Problem solving with computers: What do you do when you don't know what to do? (abstract only)142-149
Heather Mays, Binh Pham and Andrew Stranieri The use of case-based reasoning in an intelligent diagnostic system for algebra150-158
Clare McBeath An online unit of tertiary study: Starting up the hard way159-165
Catherine McLoughlin Participation, cooperation and autonomy: Students' perceptions of learning at a distance using technology166-173
Catherine McLoughlin Pedagogical techniques for collaborative dialogue technologies: A case study (abstract only)238
John Mitchell Effective business models for implementing educational technologyKeynote
James Moulder LearningSpace for on-demand distance education: A demonstration with curriculum questions attached178-184
Kathryn Murray and
Garry Gardner
Partnership and learning: A case study in video conferencing in West Australian schools185-187
Ron Oliver Partnerships in teaching and learning: An emerging role for technologyKeynote
Arthur Pappas, Branko Cesnik and Julia Hoffman Patterns of use of a CAL assessment program used by overseas qualified pharmacists preparing for a registration exam193-202
Marie Perrier Seek The Best: A journey through change at Bridgetown High School (abstract only)248
Rob Phillips What research says about learning on the Internet203-207
Romana Pospisil and
Lesley Willcoxson
Online teaching: Implications for institutional and academic staff development208-213
Geoffrey Rehn Low cost Internet based desktop video conferencing249-251
Rod Sims Interactivity for effective educational communication and engagement during technology based and online learning214-219
Rod Sims Designing effective interactions for online learning [Workshop]3 hr
Rod Sims and
Julian Melville
Teaching educational multimedia: Genesis, review, evolution, resources and assessment220-226
Sue TrinidadTechnology for the 21st century: What schools need to know! (abstract only)247
Noel Vanzetti Electronic text communication: Does it have a use in teacher education?227-232
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Virtual conference articles

Roger Atkinson and
Clare McBeath
Virtual conferencing: A diverse genrevirtual
Oliver K. Burmeister
and Michael Creek
Equipping students for the database workplace of the futurevirtual
Mei-Sheng Chao A systems approach to interactive distance teaching: Evaluating the ATM Video Network at National Chung Cheng Universityvirtual
Barney Dalgarno Choosing learner activities for specific learning outcomes: A tool for constructivist computer assisted learning designvirtual
Devan Govender How do South African school teachers understand the concept "educational technology" in post apartheid education? (abstract only)virtual
Chris Hughes and
Lindsay Hewson
Effective teaching on the Net: Going homegrown to meet educational needsvirtual
George Ivanoff Running a virtual conference: Lessons learnedvirtual
Vicki Jones and
Jun H. Jo
An interactive analysis and feedback module designed for use with distance education and online learningvirtual
Peter Lockwood and
Heiko Daniel
What does interactive multimedia offer as a tool for teaching tertiary science?virtual
Kylie McKenna Internet supported Certificate in Management: A case study from Malaysiavirtual
Ross McLeod, Heiko Daniel and Peter Lockwood A study of learning strategies used by students with the Oz Soils Interactive Multimedia Programvirtual
Melbourne IT: Graeme Hart Melbourne IT CREATOR for online authoring and delivery of education and training programs (abstract only)virtual
Namadgi Marketing & Distribution: Llew Jury White Pine's software for Internet based video conferencing (abstract only)virtual
Grahame Ramsay Investigating 'interactives' at the Powerhouse Museum: Personal, social and physical contextvirtual
Glenn Russell Hypertext, chaos and control: Encounters between conservatism and radical pedagogyvirtual
Judy Steele, Yoshikazu Kawaguchi and Christopher Johansson Japan on a web sitevirtual
Ian Vaile Educational broadcasting and the web: Opportunities and challenges for the ABCvirtual
David Wells Pemberton District High School video conferencingvirtual
Robert Whelan Future directions of research and development in European educational technologiesvirtual
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