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EdTech'98 Proceedings are published in two media, this printed volume and the World Wide Web site:

[ current address http://www.aset.org.au/confs/edtech98/pubs/articles/contents2.html ]

The Web site contains all publications for EdTech'98, including articles by participants in the virtual conference, 22 June to 17 July, whilst the printed volume contains papers for the presentations at our face to face conference, 5 to 8 July. Some presentations in the printed volume are represented by summaries or extended abstracts, with the full articles provided on the Web site. This reflects the earlier deadlines applying to the printing of the Proceedings volume, compared with Web site mounting. The web site versions are identical to the printed versions, except for minor corrections and web formatting differences, and in some cases, the expansion of summaries to full articles.

With only several exceptions, all articles in the Proceedings were received from the authors in the form of email attached files. We are very pleased with the speed and efficiency of this process, and we record with gratitude the good attention given to details by authors. For example, zero incidence of attached macro viruses, good conformance with filename specifications, and only rarely did we have to do a significant amount of spellchecking. Whilst we granted many requests for extensions, and several authors had to cancel or change to the virtual conference owing to travel funding or other problems, we are very grateful for the high standard of reliability displayed by authors.

A limited number of copies are available for purchase by libraries and individuals. Please contact the editors or email asetnat@cleo.murdoch.edu.au for details. The EdTech'98 web site will remain online indefinitely as a record of our activities and to provide access to the Proceedings. Authors may request corrections by emailing to the editors. The password control upon access to full articles will be lifted on 17 August 1998 to permit "free to the Internet" access.

Copyright in the Proceedings and associated publications is held by the Australian Society for Educational Technology. Authors retain copyright in their individual articles and have granted ASET a non exclusive all time licence to publish their articles in print and on the EdTech'98 web site.

Articles in this volume and on the web site should be cited according to the following example (include the URL in any citation):

Bryant A. (1998). Re-engineering Higher Education: Reconciling profitability with the common good. In C. McBeath and R. Atkinson (Eds), Planning for Progress, Partnership and Profit. Proceedings EdTech'98, 6-19. Perth: Australian Society for Educational Technology. http://www.aset.org.au/confs/edtech98/pubs/articles/bryant.html

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