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EdTech'98 and ACEC'98 Virtual Conference

What's a virtual conference? How does it work? Does it relate to face to face conferences? What's in it for me? What's needed to conduct a virtual conference?
Your "how to" manual and conference organisation guide for activities in the EdTech'98-ACEC'98 Virtual Conference.
Welcome and
A welcome to the Virtual Conference, and the Editor's humble attempt to explain how it "seemed like a good idea...."
Full contents
Access to full articles for the virtual and face to face conferences. Requires Registration to obtain a password.
Discussion on case studies in using the Internet for teaching and learning in schools, VET and university sectors.
Web server
Discussion on web server environments for online teaching. "In house", WebCT, TopClass, LearningSpace and others.
Internet video
Discussion on using the Internet for two way, multisite, low cost video and audio conferencing.

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