Electric Dreams - 2013 ascilite conference, Sydney Australia, 1-4 December

Digital Posters

Session 1: Spaces, policies and planning for the future

Teaching the disembodied
PPTX (1.7mb) | PDF (1.9mb)
Una Cunningham una.cunningham@canterbury.ac.nz

Developing a Connectivist MOOC for International Distance learners
PPTX (1.3mb) | PDF (1.2mb)
Valeri Chukhlomin valeri.chukhlomin at esc.edu

UTAS' Open Educational Practices developments: past, present and future
PPT (5.3mb) | PDF (699kb)
Carina Bossu Carina.Bossu@utas.edu.au

Learning Analytics: Supporting Student Retention and Success in Higher Education
Amara Atif @amara_atif ; amara.atif@mq.edu.au

Benchmarking eLearning @ UofA
Dayle Soong dayle.soong@adelaide.edu.au

Connecting and Empowering Institutional Leaders and Educators to deploy sustainable mobile learning initiatives
Helena Song helena.song@mmu.edu.my

Sharing a solution: Professional development for web-based lecture technology
Susan Tull susan.tull@canterbury.ac.nz

Offline Mobile Learning: A Proposal to Promote Literacy in Pakistani Rural Areas
PPT (2.3mb) | PDF (723kb)
Umera Imtinan umera_imtinan@yahoo.com


Session 2: Professional Development and Community, 3D

Building Skills Online: Exploring the effectiveness of web conferencing for continuing professional education
PPTX (319kb) | PDF (369kb)
Liz Devonshire liz.devonshire@sydney.edu.au

Transforming Assessment through online dissemination of innovations in e-Assessment: webinar participation
PPTX (3.3mb) | PDF (4.2mb)
Mathew Hillier m.hillier@uq.edu.au

Teaching with educational technology: professional development approaches
Gail Fluker gail.fluker@deakin.edu.au

Fostering a community of academics interested in teaching technologies and research
PPTX (68.1mb) | PDF (3.1mb)
Rhian Salmon rhian.salmon@vuw.ac.nz | Anne Macaskill anne.macaskill@vuw.ac.nz

I dream of definitions: Shaping the future through a shared vocabulary of learning and teaching
PPTX (482kb) | PDF (392kb)
Vanessa Warren vanessa.warren@utas.edu.au

Holistic professional learning: e-portfolios for academic development in higher education
PPTX (2.6mb) | PDF (2.8mb)
Belinda Allen belinda@unsw.edu.au

Examining blended community online – a model
Susan Tull susan.tull@canterbury.ac.nz

Learning in Three Dimensions
PDF (1.6mb)
Thomas Kerr tom.kerr@mq.edu.au


Session 3: Student learning, experiences and expectations

Providing timely, thoroughly INformative feedback with Turnitin™
PPTX (2.4mb) | PDF (1.9mb)
Lesley Gardner l.gardner@auckland.ac.nz | Don Sheridan d.sheridan@auckland.ac.nz

A quasi-experimental comparison of assessment feedback mechanisms
PPTX (135kb) | PDF (80kb)
Sven Venema S.Venema@griffith.edu.au

Practices and perceptions of online assignment submission, marking and feedback: what's changed?
PPSX (5.4mb) | PDF (5.2mb)
Elaine Huber elaine.huber@mq.edu.au

Designing a blended authentic learning environment for graduate students in nursing to carry out research studies
PPT (641kb) | PDF (1.8mb)
Alan Soong alan.soong@nus.edu.sg

Learning through generating OER
PPTX (2.8mb) | PDF (2.3mb)
Mais Fatayer m.fatayer@uws.edu.au

Student experiences and expectations of technology
PPTX (454kb) | PDF (3mb)
Michael Sankey sankey@usq.edu.au

Listening to the student voice: How are students really using mobile technologies for learning?
Angela Murphy angela.murphy@usq.edu.au | www.mobilelearning.org.au

The Digital PhD Student
Joanne Doyle joanne.doyle@usq.edu.au