Electric Dreams - 2013 ascilite conference, Sydney Australia, 1-4 December

Keynote Speakers

We have five exciting guest speakers lined up for the conference, as well as special guests participating in our conference debate.

Kay O'Halloran
Kay O'Halloran

Kay O’Halloran comes to Curtin University from her position as Director of the Multimodal Analysis Lab in the Interactive & Digital Media Institute at the National University of Singapore. Her areas of research include multimodal analysis, social semiotics, mathematics discourse, and the development of interactive digital media technologies and mathematical and scientific visualization techniques for multimodal and socio-cultural analytics.

Kay O’Halloran and the interdisciplinary research team of social scientists and computer scientists are working on a range of major projects in the Multimodal Analysis Lab. She has a background in linguistics, and has also developed Systemics software for teaching linguistic analysis in collaboration with Professor Kevin Judd.

You can find out more about Kay's work by visiting her website.


Gregor Kennedy
Gregor Kennedy

Gregor Kennedy is the Director of eLearning at the University of Melbourne, an Associate Professor of Higher Education in the Centre for theStudy of Higher Education and Head of Learning Environments, the departmentresponsible for virtual and physical learning spaces at the University of Melbourne. His current work involves leading the University's strategy in technology-enhanced learning and teaching, supporting staff in the use of learning technologies, and undertaking research in the area of learning technologies.

He has a background in psychology and has spent the last 15 years conducting and overseeing research and development in educational technology in higher education. His research interests include staff and students’ use of technology, contemporary learning design and emerging technologies, computer-based interactivity and engagement, and the use of electronic measures for educational research and evaluation. He has published widely in these areas and is the co-lead editor the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology. 

You can find out more about Gregor by visiting his profile.


Mark Pesce
Mr Mark Pesce

Mark Pesce is an inventor, entrepreneur, writer, educator and broadcaster. In 1994 He co-invented VRML, a 3D interface to the World Wide Web, and has gone on to write six books, including The Playful World: How Technology is Transforming Our Imagination, which explored the frontiers of the future through an examination of interactive toys, and THE NEXT BILLION SECONDS (www.nextbillionseconds.com) an analysis of culture now that we're all 'hyperconnected'.

Pesce founded postgraduate programs in interactive media at both the University of Southern California and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.  For seven years, Pesce was a panelist and judge on the ABC's hit series The New Inventors, and regularly comments on the intersection of technology and society for JJJ Hack, The Project, and ABC Local Radio. In 2012, Pesce founded MooresCloud (moorescloud.com), a company dedicated to making the Internet of Things easy to use and increasingly useful.

You can find out more about Mark by visiting his webpage.


Pare Keiha
A/Prof Pare Keiha

Associate Professor Pare Keiha is Pro Vice Chancellor Māori Advancement, Pro Vice Chancellor Learning and Teaching, Dean/Tumuaki Te Ara Poutama/ Faculty of Māori Development (http://www.aut.ac.nz/profiles/pare-keiha) at Auckland University of Technology.

Pare currently advises a number of Māori enterprises, including both tribal and pan-tribal organisations, and state sector entities in the areas of business development, management and strategy. 

You can find out more about Pare by visiting his profile.


Sorel ReismanProfessor Sorel Reisman

Professor Sorel Reisman is Managing Director of MERLOT.org, Emeritus President of the IEEE Computer Society and Professor, Information Systems, California State University Fullerton. Sorel has held management positions at IBM, Toshiba, and EMI. He is an IEEE senior member and is the vice president in charge of the Computer Society Publications Board. Reisman has served as vice president of the Electronic Products and Services Board and as a member of the Transformation and Planning and Membership Committees.

Read more about Sorel at his profile.