Electric Dreams - 2013 ascilite conference, Sydney Australia, 1-4 December

Digital Posters

Digital Posters are a new format at the ascilite 2013 Conference, allowing for a higher degree of interactivity.

Digital posters can be almost anything, for example:

About the Digital Poster session:

The digital poster session will be held in the ‘Active Learning Space’ that has 10 x 42” full HD screens (1920px x 1080px; 16:9, landscape) with tables and chairs clustered at each.  There are just under 30 posters, with three thirty-minute sessions showcasing up to 10 posters each. Check the program for details of your session on the Monday afternoon.

A Mac laptop will be provided at each station, with extra laptops available, allowing the posters not currently on the monitors to be viewed.

You may use or link to audio in your digital poster, but do not rely on audio for the presentation session. The monitors do not include sound and sound through the provided laptops will be difficult to hear and add noise to an already noisy room.

Presenters will give informal presentations to small groups as delegates move around the room.

Digital Breakout Space

Digital Poster requirements:

* Please keep your digital poster to the formats described above. If you can’t resist pushing the envelope, please contact us as soon as possible to check whether your format can be accommodated. Please note, file types we will NOT accept include Windows Media, Flash or Flash video, Silverlight, PHP or other dynamic markup, Photoshop, or EPS files.

** Digital posters should be able to be viewed online through a browser; the aim is to share the posters beyond the presentation session. They should also be ‘stand-alone’ in that they can be run locally: the room has good wifi, but we do not want to rely on it.

For example,

You may, for example, wish to use some augmented reality elements in your presentation: consider the need to provide viewing devices in the room or require an app download for BYOD and how the content might be accessed conventionally online.

Please upload your poster files to the Dropbox folder sent to you via email by Monday 18 November, to allow us time to set up and check the format of the digital posters.

If you have any additional inquiries, please contact Natalie Spence - natalie.spence@mq.edu.au