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2002 Double Issue - Articles

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Vanderbilt University

Extending the Potential of the Internet for Higher Education: Two Research Projects at Vanderbilt University's Learning Technology Center

Dana W. Cammack
Jeffrey T.G. Holmes

Virginia Tech

Extending the Impact of IT: The Instructional Technology Program at Virginia Tech

Barbara B. Lockee

Online Instruction Versus Face-to-Face Instruction at UNIMAS

Bing Hiong Ngu, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

PDAs in the Classroom: Integration Strategies for K-12 Educators
Beverly Ray, Idaho State University

Perceived Differences Between Classroom and Distance Education: Seeking Instructional Strategies for Learning Applications
Doo H. Lim, University of Tennessee

Exploring Web Site Use by Western Australian Schools
Jadanne Heuchan, Sun Microsystems Australia
Sean McGuire, KPMG Australia
Jayden Kahl, Fremantle Football Club
Jamie Murphy, University of Western Australia 

Extending Learning Opportunities Through a Virtual Faculty - The Videoconference Option
Trish Andrews, University of Queensland
Greg Klease, Central Queensland University

Cross-cultural Comparison of Online Learning Delivery Approaches Used in Western and Thai Online Learning Programs
Vichuda Rattanapian, Chulalongkorn University

An Analysis of Teacher Concerns Toward Instructional Technology
Glenda C. Rakes, University of Tennessee at Martin
Holly B. Casey, University of Louisiana at Monroe

Humanities-based Curriculum Online: A role for the arts in designing web-based interdisciplinary inquiry
Anastasis (Tassos) D. Petrou, University of California at Los Angeles

Online Learning in Schools: Some Lessons from Pole-Vaulting
Cher Ping Lim, National Institute of Education
at Nanyang Technological University

Designing Instruction with Learning Objects
Cheryl J. Hamel, University of Central Florida
David Ryan-Jones, Joint ADL Co-Laboratory

Constructivist Pedagogies of Interactivity on a CD-Rom to Enhance Academic Learning at a Tertiary Institution
Juliette D. G. Goldman, Griffith University
Geraldine Torrisi-Steele, Griffith University

Student Attitudes Toward and Participation In Electronic Discussion
Sean Williams, Clemson University
Cindy Pury, Clemson University

Development of a Model For Computer Supported Learning Systems
Thomas N. Janicki, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
George P. Schell, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Jay Weinroth, Kent State University

Students' Usage and Perceptions of the ELITE Programme
Kar Tin Lee, Hong Kong Institute of Education

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