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Although the main purpose of IJET is to serve as a vehicle for high quality research articles, thanks to the online format of the journal we have the freedom to experiment with a variety of community-outreach technologies. For each issue of IJET, we will invite members of our editorial board to submit lists of online resources that we feel will be of interest to our readers. For the inaugural issue, editorial board member Jane Klobas (University of Western Australia) and guest contributor Stefano Renzi (Bocconi University, Milan) provided a list of web links to resources related to online instruction and online collaboration. For this issue, we added links to various academic sites, professional associations, as well as link to more useful products and services. It should be noted, however, that while IJET provides access to these sites, it does not officially endorse the products, services, or claims included on them.

In addition to the list of online resources, we have also created a listserv, IJET-talk, for readers interested in communicating with other readers and with members of the IJET editorial board. News relating to IJET also will be sent via the listserv.  Along with the listserv, we have included WebBoard conferencing, which allows readers a chance to comment on each article and engage one another in discussion relating to the articles. The WebBoard has synchronous as well as asynchronous collaboration components.

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