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This book contains selected papers from EdTech'90, the Biennial Conference of the Australian Society for Educational Technology, held at the University of Sydney, NSW, Australia, 4-6 July 1990.


John Dawkins
Minister for Employment, Education and Training
David R ClarkInteractive Multimedia into the millennium: It's time to simplify1-3
Anne Gooley, Steve Towers and John DekkersOpen Learning Centre Network Project and the Preparatory and Remedial Education Project for higher education in Queensland4-13
Ian ConboyTeaching with Telematics: It's not as hard as it looks, or is it?14-23
Maria TriantosComputer Based Training and the RAN: Shipboard Training24-26
Dan PhelanComputerised out-of-class exercises27-29
R M Bollet and
R A Cornell
The impact of high touch in the high tech world of education: An issue revisited30-34
Jeff Clayton, David Lee, Jane Elliott, Leanne Renfree and Nigel RussellThe competitive edge in manufacturing - an interactive learning system introducing strategic planning in a manufacturing industry context (abstract)35
Patricia YoungbloodThe design of a study aid for synthesising instruction (abstract)36
Margaret AllanRoll over Beethoven ... (abstract)36
Sue McNamaraHuman-Technology Traffic Jams (or harnessing human brainpower is more than a matter of logic (abstract)37
Trevor W ColeUNINET - Optical fibres in support of research and learning (abstract)37
James Strain"What's in a name! That which we call a course by any other name would smell as sweet" (abstract)38
David Harrison and
Kay Trowbridge
The use of the satellite and teleconferencing in real estate distance education39-41
Ian ForsythDivergence42-46
Neale KempD-I-Y publishing for the production of distance education courseware: What have we learned?47-58
David H McKinnon and
Patrick C J Nolan
Keyboarding, touch typing and computers: What students think59-68
Uni CarnegieStarting Think-Keying69-71
Anne Sparks and
Neil Hall
Developing a HyperCard training package: Legal Systems72-80
Roger DickinsonHyperCard Workshop81
Peter Olaf LoomsSIULLEQ - a multimedia database about Greenland82-90
John E NelsonThe cooperative development process of the Agency for Instructional Technology91-96
John KirkRural and remote learning centres: The point of convergence for the provision of further education by alternative delivery systems97-107
Anne RussellElectronic mail: Is it intrusive or invisible?108-115
Chris HughesDevelopmental user groups for ongoing computer training116-124
Lorraine Kershaw and
Judith Cousins
Microcomputer implementation in the primary school: The effect on teachers attitudes and perceptions125-134
Grahame RamsayThe convergence of teaching and production in media centres135-140
Robert FoxDeveloping guided self-study materials for higher education: The Curtin experience141-151
Justus H Lewis and
Ralph E Green
Chronic Blood Transfusion: A video and resource book to facilitate teamwork in the treatment of patients requiring chronic blood transfusion152-157
Warwick H Lobb and
William E Cartwright
Interactive videotape and videodisc language packages158-162
Peter Jamieson and
Keith Rees
The use of interactive video conferencing in education and training: Recent developments in Victoria163-170
Alan JolliffeDeveloping instructional videos in Indonesia171-176
John G HedbergEducational technology in Malaysia: The resource centre as a unifying concept177-185
Neil HallDeveloping an intelligent tutoring system186-193
George GedgovdExpert systems and education: An Innovation in Grad Dip Ed (Computer Education)194-204
Rod Nason and
Christopher Martin
A computer-based system for developing expertise in the diagnosis and remediation of common error patterns in the domain of fractions205-211
Neal A Shaw and
G J Standfield
Using CD-ROM and multimedia for education and training212-217

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Hedberg, John G., Steele, James and Mooney, Mary (Eds) (1990). Converging Technologies: Selected papers from EdTech'90, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia, 4-6 July. pp vi+218. Canberra: AJET Publications. ISBN 0 646 00113 2

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