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UNINET - optical fibres in support of research and learning

Professor Trevor W Cole
Electrical Engineering
University of Sydney

Linking together Sydney University, University of New South Wales, Macquarie University and the University of Technology, Sydney in cooperation with Telecom Australia, UNINET is offering unique capabilities. With multiple fibres installed and with the capability of carrying multiple signals on each fibre, UNINET will permit open ended communications capabilities and will provide an environment well in advance of what might be available in the general network.

To offset the communication charges, the universities are entering three main agreements with Telecom Australia to undertake demonstration, use and research into the use of UNINET in an academic learning and research environment. The first is for the dissemination of broadcast quality TV material. The second is for fully interactive, multiple site video conferencing. The third, and more for the future, UNINET will be used as a research and development basis for a fully digital, very high speed network carrying all the traffic of the first two agreements, as well as other traffic services, in a digital form.

Please cite as: Cole, T. W. (1990). UNINET - optical fibres in support of research and learning (abstract). In J. G. Hedberg, J. Steele and M. Mooney (Eds), Converging Technologies: Selected papers from EdTech'90, 37. Canberra: AJET Publications.

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