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HyperCard Workshop

Roger Dickinson
The University of Western Australia
The HyperCard program from Apple represents a radically new software direction which allows the integration of text, data, graphics, photographs, diagrams and sound in a user friendly environment which offers unprecedented opportunities for educators.

Roger Dickinson is investigating the potential role of HyperCard in the development of multimedia resource materials by producing and evaluating two interactive self instructional tutorial programs. The development is being supported by an Apple Developer's Grant from the Western Australian Regional Computing Centre.

The first program, which will be demonstrated during the workshop, is a tutorial on video and television. It features different levels of difficulty, interactive glossary and directory, and a multiple choice quiz with hints and scoring facilities. Evaluation of this tutorial will guide Stage 2: the development of a second tutorial to further exploit HyperCard's potential with enhanced sound effects, animation, graphics and interactivity. It will include a comprehensive assessment feature.

Screen picture: Television self test quiz

The workshop should be of interest to all educators interested in developing their own instructional and learning materials in a user friendly, open ended computing environment. The presentation will assume either no or minimal prior exposure to the HyperCard software.

Screen picture: Television tutorial - welcome

Screen picture: Info card example

Please cite as: Dickinson, R. (1990). HyperCard Workshop. In J. G. Hedberg, J. Steele and M. Mooney (Eds), Converging Technologies: Selected papers from EdTech'90, 81. Canberra: AJET Publications.

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