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This book contains selected papers from EdTech'88, the Biennial Conference of the Australian Society for Educational Technology, held at the Canberra College of Advanced Education, Canberra, Australia, 27-29 September 1988.
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Contents EdTech'88

Garth BoomerIntroductioniv
Dick FletcherThe implications of laser optical disc formats in formal and distance education1-5
Paul JohnsonIntroduction to the IBM Interactive Satellite Education Network6-8
Andrew Greig and John G HedbergAn Educational Television Network for Australia: Why, how and when9-12
Henrietta ClarkABC Television and adult education13-18
Ian HamiltonThe Special Broadcasting Service: A window of opportunity for the nation's educators19
Dieter KammComputer science education using media20-29
Andrew R ButcherPractical applications of technology within distance education30
Neil A ShawInteractive audio in education and training: Applications of CD-ROM31-36
Philip WallaceA review of ab initio pilot training37-39
Margaret AllanRedesigning for learning40-42
Kay Fielden and James SteeleHyperCard and interactive video43-50
Malcolm J Morrison and Pascal GrantThe Elaboration Theory Model of instructional design: HyperCard - new perspectives on learner controlled CAL 51-57
Richard F LewisCustomising Sesame Street for Canadian children58-67
David M GoldsmithThe impact of computer based training on technical training in industry68
Judi Brown-ParkerWorksite exercises and serialised programs: Designing practical application into industry training programmes69-76
Brian FowlerIntegrating theory and practice in educational technology courses77-80
Lesley Richardson and Tom DuncanComputer graphics you can afford81-82
Peter SmithLearning styles: An example of some research towards meeting resources based learning needs83-89
John G HedbergTechnology, continuing education and open learning or Technology 1 - Bureaucracy 090-94
Sue McNamaraThe "How do I ..." and "What happens if ...?" of using individualised learning materials95-102
Beatrice HamiltonDesigning training for industry: Ripples in a pond103-107
Ian HartVideo and language teaching: A French-Australian co-production108-112
Warwick Matthews and John BrookshawDistance education in the Mallee Secondary College Cluster113-116
Bob MillerDesigning learning delivery systems to improve access, quality and productivity of TAFE courses117-125
Ortrun Zuber-SkerrittEliciting personal constructs of research, teaching and/or professional development126-135
Grahame RamsayPasswords: A functional approach to teaching language by television136-144
Evan ThomasRedesigning para-professional courses for industry145-149
William E Cartwright and David D FraserFrom manual map production to computer assisted cartography150-159
Cyril DriverThe use of marginal notes to improve tertiary text160-166
Ann WilsonThe development of external course material167-177
Allan Yarrow and Jan MillwaterEducational media in primary schools: A decade of development?178-189
John Dekkers and Neale KempComputer-aided publishing as a tool for preparing instructional text190-205
Roberta Abell and Brian DoigCreating classroom materials with modern technology206-207
Peter Hosie and Duncan JamiesonPlenty of chaff - some wheat: Evaluating CBT authoring packages for industry and education208-223
Douglas Magin and Alex ChurchesWhat do students learn from self and peer assessment?224-233

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Steele, James and Hedberg, John G (Eds) (1988). Designing for Learning in Industry and Education. Proceedings of EdTech'88, Canberra College of Advanced Education, 27-29 September 1988. pp iv+234. Canberra: AJET Publications. ISBN 0 7316 4335 6

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