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The impact of computer based training on technical training in industry

Mr David M. Goldsmith
Australian Industrial Publications

There is growing acceptance in industry of computer based training (CBT) as an appropriate medium for technical training. Few CBT systems are designed to meet the flexible instructional design needs or simulation requirements of such training, or are capable in the longer term of adaptation to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) principles. Serious trainers and educators have had to re-examine systems specifications and capabilities before embarking further on the path to automated training.

In addressing this topic demonstrations will be presented to indicate how CBT is being used to support technical training in the electricity and mining industries and how AI may impact on the development of CBT courseware.

The presentation of this paper will include a description of the processes involved in courseware definition and development for users and providers of technical training and will be associated with a demonstration using the AIP Course Master CBT System. Participants will be encouraged to comment on both the content of the presentation and suggest acceptable standards for industry.

[This paper was not available as these Proceedings were put together, and will be available from the organisers both during and after the Conference]

Please cite as: Goldsmith, D. (1988). The impact of computer based training on technical training in industry. In J. Steele and J. G. Hedberg (Eds), Designing for Learning in Industry and Education, 68. Proceedings of EdTech'88. Canberra: AJET Publications.

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