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Practical applications of technology within distance education

Andrew R. Butcher
Distance Education Centre, Perth WA

A practical workshop with participants from Distance Education Centres throughout Australasia will explore the theoretical and practical applications of technology within distance education.

Workshop breakdown of 1.5 hours:

Part 1 Delivery of systems already being used in Australia and overseas, for example Network Ontario, PACE and QNet.
Part 2Outline of system being utilised by the Distance Education Centre in WA.
Part 3Input by participants on the system being used by their institution, draw and talk.
Part 4Discussion on the various systems being used and what are the implications to those institutions.
Part 5Input by participants on a theoretical model that takes account of human and financial resources.
  • Each part to take approximately 15 minutes with a final general discussion on the outcomes of the session.

  • Compilation of the material gathered during the session to be collated by the author on return to Western Australia.

  • Each participant and the organisers of EdTech'88 to receive a copy of the compiled report.

Please cite as: Butcher, A. (1988). Practical applications of technology within distance education (abstract). In J. Steele and J. G. Hedberg (eds), Designing for Learning in Industry and Education, 30. Proceedings of EdTech'88. Canberra: AJET Publications.

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