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[ IIMS 92 contents ]

Reusable paper complements IMM output

Donald Yates
Columbus Technology Group
Como, Western Australia

Aims:Outline the concept of REUSABLE PAPER
Demonstrate IMM interaction with REUSABLE PAPER
Content:Results of studies on more screen to screen communication have shown an increased demand for paper and support products.

A definition is given on what is and what isn't REUSABLE PAPER. It is NOT recycled paper.

REUSABLE PAPER is a material with a paper like appearance but there the similarity with existing paper ends.

It has been accessed by the Industrial Research and Development Board and been recognised as both feasible and approved as meeting syndicate research activity with tax benefit status.

Commonwealth Bank, Telecom Australia and State Development (WA Govt) support the R&D by both believing in the importance of the project and contributing financially.

The features include: 1000 plus uses before recycling
Better than 2000 DPI effective resolution
B&W to full colour upgradeability
Single & double sided printability
Image sustained without batteries
Initial page sizes A3 and A4.

General outline of the mechanics of REUSABLE PAPER

Images changed by: Fax like machines
Write/erase pens
Direct connection to PCs (no printer)

IMM concepts possible Mass media electronic newspapers
Rapid PC printing - no paper movement
Rapid erasure - no shredding
Reusable transit tickets with credit display
Instant bound book publishing
Super VGA soft and thin display screens

Green interests, consumer demands and commercial benefits will impact on the R&D timetable and hence the start of production.

New industrial possibilities and licensing revenues possible with REUSABLE PAPER.

  1. IMM needs REUSABLE PAPER for both input and output

  2. REUSABLE PAPER is very cost efficient

  3. REUSABLE PAPER will expand its applications with soft and thin screens.

Author: Donald Yates BAppSc BComEng
Principal, Columbus Technology Group TM
10 Alston Avenue
Como WA 6152 Australia
Tel: +61 8 9313 1111 Fax: +61 8 9313 1122

Please cite as: Yates, D. (1992). Reusable paper complements IMM output. In Promaco Conventions (Ed.), Proceedings of the International Interactive Multimedia Symposium, 415-416. Perth, Western Australia, 27-31 January. Promaco Conventions. http://www.aset.org.au/confs/iims/1992/yates.html

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