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Learning centre of the future

Tony Whittingham and Shirley Alexander
Computing and Information Services Industry Training Division
The Learning Centre of the future extends the boundaries of learning productivity and establishes new directions in education and training for industry.

An advanced centre for the research and development of new technology based training methods and business applications, the Learning Centre of The Future is a joint venture of the Computing and Information Services Industry Training Division of TAPE NSW and Apple Computer Australia.

The Centre has been planned to develop and deliver training courses which increase the productivity of learning. This is a new concept in training which, in plain terms, means that the amount of information students learn can be speeded up.

The increase in learning productivity will he achieved by combining accelerated learning techniques, applied learning styles and multimedia to produce training materials. These in turn can be tailored to the preferred learning styles of students.

Accelerated learning has been found to motivate students to undertake further learning and to reduce time spent on learning.

The Centre has been designed so it can be used by individuals or by groups and has a relaxed but stimulating atmosphere where the multimedia is arranged in comfortable, colourful surroundings. This will reduce the fear many students experience when faced with sophisticated equipment.

Designed and purpose built by specialists, the Centre is equipped with 8 multimedia workstations, each fitted with a Macintosh IIci, dual standard videodisc player, CD-ROM drive, stereo audio mixer and two display monitors. The learning facilitator's platform houses a Macintosh IIfx, 600 MN magneto optical drive and Barco projector. The Ethernet LAN is connected to a Canon CLC-500 colour copier/ scanner/ printer (which was donated by Canon) and a Digital Microvax 2000.

A range of services will be offered to industry, including

This paper will address the above issues and will focus on the use of multimedia to cater to individual learning styles. A demonstration program will show the way in which an existing videodisc The Holy Land was re-purposed to develop learning experiences to appeal to each of the individual learning styles.

Finally, the new Hypercard version of Computing Careers and their Secrets will be demonstrated. This videodisc shows people in each of eleven representative job titles at work and the user has the opportunity to ask them questions about their background, job and future. Having chosen careers which may appeal, the user is given information about TAFE courses which lead to a career in that area.

Please cite as: Whittingham, A. and Alexander, S. (1992). Learning centre of the future. In Promaco Conventions (Ed.), Proceedings of the International Interactive Multimedia Symposium, 543-544. Perth, Western Australia, 27-31 January. Promaco Conventions. http://www.aset.org.au/confs/iims/1992/whittingham.html

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