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To CBT (Competency Based Training) with CBT (Computer Based Training) is more a question of interactive multimedia

Richard Heale
Edith Cowan University
Western Australia
Award Restructuring is one of the cornerstones of the vital reconstruction of Australian industry. Implicit in award restructuring is the need for industry to identify worker skills and accredit them. Where skills are found wanting or workers wish to enhance their skills for career purposes then training is required. Skills identification, accreditation and training are all to be 'competency' based against nationally agreed norms. Whilst the infrastructure to establish these norms and the agenda for implementation are in place, Australia, to a large extent, has ignored the issues embedded in the delivery of this agenda.

The resource and industrial implications of delivery the competency based agenda are significant. Exploring the issues at an enterprise level reveals basic considerations such as literacy, numeracy, language and consistent implementation of national norms will exacerbate the situation. Without the capacity to deal with these enterprise issues and deliver the competency based agenda the future of award restructuring is in doubt.

Interactive Multimedia does represent a solution. In this paper, following an in depth multidisciplinary analysis of the competency based agenda, the potential which interactive multimedia represent becomes clear. The issues and problems for competency based accreditation and training are the strengths of interactive multimedia. However, whilst interactive multimedia represents an opportunity there are a number of threats to this opportunity being realised. The paper concludes with an identification of these threats and makes recommendations which, if adopted, will ensure the realisation of interactive multimedia's potential to deliver the competency based agenda which is so essential for award restructuring.

NB: A full multimedia presentation of this paper will be presented.

Please cite as: Heale, R. (1992). To CBT (Competency Based Training) with CBT (Computer Based Training) is more a question of interactive multimedia. In Promaco Conventions (Ed.), Proceedings of the International Interactive Multimedia Symposium, 597. Perth, Western Australia, 27-31 January. Promaco Conventions. http://www.aset.org.au/confs/iims/1992/heale.html

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