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Developing an interactive multimedia industry

John E. D. Barker, PhD and Keith Anthonisz
Department of State Development
Western Australia
Interactive multimedia appears to be rapidly developing into a significant new "knowledge based" industry. There will be new opportunities for new suppliers, new customers and new relationships which redefine the market place. It seems to be an industry that is well suited to Australia and other countries with established reputations for high levels of creativity - which is generally considered an essential ingredient in this product.

But as these "clever" countries have found before, there is far more to developing an industry than merely inventing a brilliant product. Increasingly, "fast followers" are eclipsing "innovators and early adopters" in the market place, as they emulate the best practices of all of their competitors. So what are the best strategies for developing a significant local multimedia industry and sustaining a competitive position?

This paper examines the potential for establishing a multimedia industry in any location, with examples drawn from the Western Australian situation. The methodology used combines general systems theory, life cycle theory, competitive strategy theory and practical experience. In particular, the paper emphasises the dynamics of the product, the production environment and the market as they interact with each other and progress towards maturity. Issues addressed include industry vision, regulations, motivations, markets and marketing strategies, production structures and their management, human resources, tools and technologies, financing, planning and communications.

The paper concludes that while there are real opportunities for new players almost anywhere on the planet, this market, like most others, will soon belong to those who can establish efficient and coherent multidisciplinary teams with commercial savvy that can produce quality products for discerning customers.

The presentation of the paper will use multimedia.

Please cite as: Barker, J. E. D. and Anthonisz, K. (1992). Developing an interactive multimedia industry. In Promaco Conventions (Ed.), Proceedings of the International Interactive Multimedia Symposium, 557. Perth, Western Australia, 27-31 January. Promaco Conventions. http://www.aset.org.au/confs/iims/1992/barker.html

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