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Interactive video wins in media comparison: Good design makes technology comparisons meaningful

Alan Bain, Stephen Houghton, Foo Bah Sah, Rehana Evans and Annemaree Carroll
This presentation will report on a study which compared the effects of level 3 interactive video based instruction for teaching social problem solving, with the alternative conditions of teacher led instruction using linear video and teacher led instruction with no video support. The interactive video instruction used a recently developed videodisc social skills curriculum designed for classroom use with early adolescent aged students. The effects of the instruction were measured in terms of the product variables of achievement and attitude, while the instructional processes were measured in terms of lesson duration, teacher and student interaction, student attention and teacher encouragement. The findings of the study would tend to contradict assertions about inadvisability of media comparisons in educational research. The study found both a statistically significant difference in achievement in favour of interactive video based instruction which was not explained by a Hawthorne Effect and important differences in the measures of process variables across the three conditions. The findings suggest that there is much to be learned from well designed investigations which compare instructional technology, particularly when both process and product variables are measured. The social skills curriculum materials employed in the study will be demonstrated as part of the presentation.

Please cite as: Bain, A., Houghton, S., Sah, F. B., Evans, R. and Carroll, A. (1992). Interactive video wins in media comparison: Good design makes technology comparisons meaningful. In Promaco Conventions (Ed.), Proceedings of the International Interactive Multimedia Symposium, 191. Perth, Western Australia, 27-31 January. Promaco Conventions. http://www.aset.org.au/confs/iims/1992/bain.html

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