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Multimedia: Beyond nice presentation

Kendro Hendra
inTouch, Indonesia
Multimedia, once associated solely with presentation and entertainment, has grown and touched on almost every aspects of computer and communication technologies. The potential of multimedia, however, is yet to be exploited to bring it from its pure science stage to its applied forms. Forums like IIMS '94 are strategic in putting multimedia beyond the small niche of computer animators or limited in house presentation development circles. To make multimedia the mega business of the future, as most people predict it will be, we need to apply the technology into applications useable and saleable to ordinary people; beyond the computer graphics nerds.

Still in its infancy, current multimedia is only just finding its identity. Most of the so called multimedia titles nowadays are still developed based on a multiple single media mind set. We need more than just converting existing print media onto computer screen or digitising existing movies into stamp size digital video running on computer. As a new concept, multimedia is still going through the same traditional radio talk program on TV.

inTouch, as one of the early birds in the multimedia field, has gone through the same learning curve trying to grasp what multimedia really is and what it can do. Having developed a number of real world applications and spent lots of effort in R&D, we think we have gained significant insights into the possibilities of multimedia applications beyond just nice presentation.

Given the opportunity to speak at the symposium, I will share some of our existing works as well as prototypes created just to explore new ideas and new concepts. Through these examples, I hope to open up further discussion, exchange ideas and explore possible technical cooperation with other participants.

Author: Kendro Hendra, Managing Director, inTouch, Delta Building, Block A 34-36, jl. Suryopranoto 1-9, Jakarta 10011, Indonesia. Tel. 021 374372/ 377443/ 3801780 Fax. 021 345 9737 Email: Applelink FEA0004

Please cite as: Hendra, K. (1994). Multimedia: Beyond nice presentation. In C. McBeath and R. Atkinson (Eds), Proceedings of the Second International Interactive Multimedia Symposium, 199. Perth, Western Australia, 23-28 January. Promaco Conventions. http://www.aset.org.au/confs/iims/1994/hj/hendra.html

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