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The world of multimedia

Philip Dodds
Interactive Multimedia Association, USA
The rapidly changing multimedia landscape is fraught with opportunities and issues, causing excitement as well as confusion. Even the word multimedia has multiple definitions within different entertainment, information and communications industries. In this presentation we will present a model of multimedia business that will provide a framework for understanding the various economic driving forces behind multimedia products and services. This model will examine the relationships among multimedia technologies from cable television, computer games, home computing, business desktop, enterprise wide computing and telecommunications, and will explore the areas of global convergence and divergence.

Each multimedia market opportunity is driven by customer expectations that ultimately determine price, functionality and product success or failure. These factors will be contrasted for each of the multimedia market areas together with a review of current standards activities and prevailing regulatory conditions in other parts of the world. The Interactive Multimedia Association's (IMA) activities in government affairs, intellectual property rights and technical standards will be reviewed as well. The IMA is a not for profit international trade association representing 280 corporate members including applications developers, suppliers of hardware and software, systems integrators, publishers and distributors, educators and users.

Author: Philip Dodds, Executive Director, Interactive Multimedia Association, 3 Church Circle, Suite 800, Annapolis MA 21401 1933 USA. Tel: +1 410 626 1380 Fax: +1 410 263 0590

Please cite as: Dodds, P. (1994). The world of multimedia. In C. McBeath and R. Atkinson (Eds), Proceedings of the Second International Interactive Multimedia Symposium, 606. Perth, Western Australia, 23-28 January. Promaco Conventions. http://www.aset.org.au/confs/iims/1994/dg/dodds.html

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