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Please follow the links on this page to obtain maps showing the locations of our venue and the individual theatres and rooms, generously sponsored by Edith Cowan University ,font size=-1>[Editorial note for archival version: A general link has been substituted for the original, specific links]. For the links to accommodation for interstate registrants, please see Accommodation.
  1. Edith Cowan University, Locality maps, for Churchlands location.

  2. Site Plan, for Churchlands Campus Buildings 17 and 18.

  3. Building 18, reference 18a: Lecture Theatre 4, venue for Welcome Reception and Plenary sessions.

  4. Building 17, venues for Parallel sessions and Workshops. References:

    1. 17c Case Studies Rooms - for Parallel sessions
    2. 17d Computer Facility Building - for Workshop sessions
Building 18 photo

All venues are equipped with Ethernet connections and ceiling mounted video projection equipment, suitable for both Windows and Macintosh. Support from David Able, David Egan, Charlie King, Sharon Johnstone, Russell Rowett, Olavi Siira and other ECU "infrastructure people" who really "can do" is gratefully acknowledged. Thanks!

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